5 Tips to transform your digital business 

From a simple presence on social media, through a chat on your website, to an online store that collects your products and delivers them directly to your costumes, here are some tips that can save your business. 

In the times we live in, the importance of investing in an effective digital presence and facilitating the sale of our products/services online is notorious. Today we bring you the main areas you should consider to develop a good relationship with your costumers and, consequently, increase your sales! 


Whenever we try to look for a company, we invariably use a search engine. Most of the time we use Google. This search engine has an excellent tool to provide information about your company, in this way, your costumer immediately obtains all the necessary information, from location, schedule, reviews, among others. Register your business now at https://business.google.com


You still don’t have a business page on Facebook? It is important to understand who and where your target audience is and to develop a work in order to be present on social media. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn are examples of powerful social medias where you can communicate your business.  

The next step is to create the right content, this content must convey to the costumer what you do or what you sell. A regular study should also be carried out, in order to understand which schedule can be more effective and which results each publication had. A good way to do this is to visit the page https://business.facebook.com where you can analyze all the insights, such as finding out which type of audience interacts most with the page: gender, age, job position, among others.  


t seems unbelievable, but at this moment there are companies that still either don’t have a digital presence, or have a website from 2011 (not wanting to cause general panic, 2011 was 12 years ago)! 

From choosing the domain (brand name + extension (.pt/.com/etc.)), to choosing the platform, to hosting, the path is long until you have a perfect solution. From pre-designed websites or platforms, there are numerous options that, with or less work, can deliver a product capable of creating a digital presence where you can sell your products or services. 

Unpxl works with WordPress, however we also develop tailor-made solutions using platforms and online stores capable of meeting the most demanding costumer.  


If you’ve been waiting for years to build an online store, there’s still time! You can start by creating an online catalog on Facebook and export your catalog to Instagram. It’s a good start but you can still take the next step and create an online store.  

In this field, you can choose from several solutions: create a store through several existing platforms (Shopify, Shopk.it), WordPress + WooCommerce, or even create your online store from scratch. Existing platforms are characterised by ease of creation and maintenance, and custom-made online stores are designed for more complex projects with specific characteristics.  


If you already have a website and want to offer quality assistance to your users, the solution is to have an online char dedicated to that. You can do it in two ways:  

  1. Add a Facebook chat to your page: here you can have your business page’s chat connected to the website itself and manage contacts within Facebook; 
  2. Add a chat from an external platform, such as Tawkt.to. Just create an account through the Tawk.to website, customize the account and embed the code generated on your website page. 

We know it’s a long and rather complex list, but that’s why we are here. With our help, the success of your digital presence is guaranteed!