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Digital agency’s top 3 website builders 

In today’s ever-evolving digital landscape, a solid online presence is indispensable. A captivating website serves not only as a business card, but as a storefront, portfolio, and sometimes, even your brand’s first impression. The beauty of the 21st century is that you don’t need to be a coding wizard to craft an outstanding website. Various website builders have risen to the task, simplifying the process for everyone. 

At Unpxl, we have our finger on the pulse of web development trends, constantly reviewing and testing platforms to see which ones truly stand out. Today, we delve deep into three titans of the website-building realm: WordPress, Webflow and Squarespace. Let’s explore what each brings to the table: 



  • Open Source Flexibility: At its core, WordPress is an open-source platform, granting users unparalleled customization capabilities. With the right skills, almost any feature or design is achievable. 
  • Extensive Plugin Library: Whether it’s SEO, e-commerce or social media integration, there’s probably a WordPress plugin for it. The expansive library extends the platform’s functionality to cater to just about any need. 
  • Themes Galore: From free to premium, WordPress boasts thousands of themes. Whether you’re crafting a blog, a corporate site or an online store, there’s a theme tailored for it. 

Why it’s good: 

WordPress is the Swiss army knife of the internet! Its open-source nature means it’s continuously evolving. While there’s a learning curve, the flexibility and extensiveness it offers make it worth the investment, especially for those eyeing long-term digital growth. 



  • Visual Web Design: Webflow brings a designer’s vision to life. It bridges the gap between design and code by allowing intricate visual designs without requiring users to write a line of code.  
  • nteractions and Animations: Where most platforms have limitations, Webflow shines, enabling users to introduce complex animations and interactions. 
  • CMS Capabilities: Unlike some design-first platforms, Webflow doesn’t skimp on content management. Users can design their CMS around their content, ensuring a seamless fit. 

Why it’s good: 

For design-forward brands and professionals, Webflow is a game-changer. It combines the freedom of front-end coding with the simplicity of visual design. This platform is especially suitable for those who want a unique digital footprint without diving deep into manual coding. 



  • Elegant Templates: Squarespace is often the go-to for its chic and contemporary designs. Its templates are not only visual appealing but also responsive and customizable. 
  • All-in-one Platform: From domains to hosting to analytics, Squarespace offers a consolidated platform experience, simplifying website management. 
  • E-commerce Ready: With built-in tools for selling products or services, Squarespace websites can easily become online marketplaces. 

Why it’s good: 

Squarespace seamlessly combines aesthetics with functionality. It’s the platform of choice for many creatives and businesses who want a beautiful online presence without the fuss of integrating multiple tools or platforms.  

Whether you lean towards the versatility of WordPress, the design prowess of Webflow or the holistic elegance of Squarespace, there’s a platform tailored for your digital aspirations. The choice boils down to your specific needs and long-term vision.  

At Unpxl, we’re equipped to help you navigate these platforms or even offer custom solutions tailored for your unique vision and requirements. Furthermore, we develop WordPress Care Plans to keep your website always up to date, with frequent backups and restoration at the click of a button, security monitoring, performance and positioning reports (find out more here). 

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